When people discuss Sydney icons and tourist destinations they inevitably mention the Opera House, The Harbour Bridge or even Centre Point Tower. As time goes on people have been ever increasingly also mentioned “Fiona” the Mannequin on Parramatta Road.

Fiona has been standing outside RA Motors, waving to the traffic on Parramatta Road since 1983.

She is loyal employee and has never had a day off sick or a holiday – some people have suggested that she shows all the signs of a classic "work-a-holic"

You may think that Fiona has got an easy life, just standing around all day, but there have been some terrible moments that she doesnt like to talk about…..

There was a time where she was run down by an out-of-control Datsun 180B back in 1985.

Or the time she was kidnapped by a group calling themselves "Men against sexist pigs" in 1992.

Or even the time she was accosted by a drunk man who though she was his wife – and tried to take her home back in 1999.

She even put herself on Ebay in 2004 to raise money for the less fortunate.

Ask any Sydney Taxi Driver to be dropped of at the "Car Yard with the Mannequin" and they will know where to go.

Even if you are not in the market for a used car, you are more then welcome to bring the kids and family down to RA Motors and get a group photo with the Famous Fiona!!